Our Team: veterinary staff and others at Brayvet

veterinary staff

Andrew Byrne with his own dog, Elsa

Andrew Byrne MVB MRCVS

Andrew is respected in the European veterinary community as a vet with a keen interest in developing the profession’s continuing education. He has also developed his own skills and is currently one of a handful of vets who performs a joint surgery using Kyon engineering to repair knees. He is currently studying the latest techniques in orthopedic surgery  (including treating disease affecting the cruciate ligament of the knee) and he’s particularly sensitive to aging dog issues.

veterinary staff

Nicola Neumann

Nicola Neumann MVB MRCVS Grad Degree Business Management MACVSc Cat Medicine

Nicola came back to Ireland after working in Canada and Australia for 15 years and started up the Dublin Animal Emergency Centre so that pets could have 24 hour care. She has a special understanding of cats and studied Cat Medicine in Australia. She will be setting up a section especially for cats at BrayVET with a separate waiting room and a dedicated hospital ward  for sick cats.

veterinary staff

Pete Wedderburn with a rescued kitten

Pete Wedderburn BVM&S CertVR MRCVS

Pete the Vet is a well known media personality and has a good ear for listening to your worries about your pet. He loves working at BrayVET so that he can interact with clients and their pets,  and source TV stars with interesting stories. The other vets in the practice value his veterinary radiologist’s knowledge in interpreting X-rays.

Ciara McMahon MVB

Ciara joined BrayVet in May 2014, She qualified from Dublin in 2009, and has worked in
companion animal veterinary centres in the UK and in Ireland.


veterinary staff

Emelia Capurro, carrying out ultrasound on a cat at Brayvet

Emeliana, a vet with a particular interest in ultrasound, comes to Brayvet every week and carries out ultrasound scans . The scan takes 30 minutes and Emi reports this to the vet who usually sees the pet.  This service is available to other vets who wish Emi to carry out scans on their patients, as well as BrayVET’s own cases.

veterinary staff

Registered Veterinary Nurse Andrea McGinnity
Andrea has a passion for cats and even the most difficult cat trusts her. She looks after the Pet Insurance claims.

veterinary staff

Registered Veterinary Nurse Amy Philips Wood
, busy in our practice laboratory. We can do many blood and urine tests in house, with results in less than twenty minutes – essential in an emergency situation.

veterinary staff

Receptionist Amy Lee

Amy, the bubbly  receptionist behind the desk, knows the name of your pet before you can get in the door and will weigh your dog while you are waiting. We keep a record of pet weights on  file and you can come in any time for a free weight check and advice on the best veterinary recommended food and the best and safest  deworming products.

veterinary staff

Dog Groomer Sophia Kinsella with Ben

veterinary staff
Receptionist Valerie Freeman with Max, Mister and Bobby
Valerie needs no introduction to our clients  from Bray. She greets you and  she remembers you and your pet every time she works at our evening clinic.

veterinary staff
 Mary Mullen is the Practice Administrator
She has worked with the practice since 1993 .She will sort out any issues you may have with pet passports,which is the best vet to suit your pets needs when you are making an appointment and she will drop everything to sort out any problem you can think of .She has organised a Direct Debit payment plan for major  procedures you can not afford.

veterinary staff
Bookkeeper Marian Molloy with Bobby

A dental procedure being carried out

Pete Wedderburn

Brayvet’s bookkeeper, Marian Molloy

Veterinary surgeons Andrew Byrne and Emiliana Capurro, carrying out an ultrasound examination