Porter's Christmas Trees on Old Connaught Ave, Bray

Porter’s Christmas Trees on Old Connaught Ave, Bray

We’re starting our series of highlighting local businesses with a topical theme for this time of year: Christmas trees.  The premises at the Bray-end of Old Connaught Avenue has been a garden centre for many years, but just a month ago, Woodbrook Garden Centre, based here, closed down.  It’s uplifting to see the premises in action again so soon, selling Christmas trees, an activity which has happened from this site in December for many years.

Choosing the right Christmas tree, at the right time, is no easy task. Buy one too early, and there’s the risk that it may seem jaded by Christmas Day. Wait for too long, and you may not find that perfect tree that you’re looking for. Our advice? Do it soon before it’s too late!

And remember to make sure that your pets are safe around the Christmas tree: chewed Christmas light wiring can cause electric shocks, and cats can create havoc by practicing their mountaineering skills on a tree, so try to have the tree as stable as possible if there are cats in the vicinity.