Shanganagh Marble & Stone Centre – on the main road between Bray & Shankill, by Shanganagh Cemetery

This week’s business profile is one of those services that all local pet owners should know about. Shanganagh Marble and Stone Centre, owned and run by the O’Neill family, is well known for creating human memorials and headstones. However their pet-related business is equally important when it’s needed, and far fewer people are aware of what’s available.

Basically, for a cost of €50 upwards, tasteful, simple pet memorials, made from marble and granite stone, are available, engraved with your chosen text, as a long term memorial for a much loved pet. Some examples are shown at the foot of this posting.

Why choose a pet memorial stone?

These memorials provide an extra, reassuring way to cherish the memory of an animal. It’s difficult to explain what a difference it makes: there’s something about seeing their name and a few words about them that brings back memories in a much stronger way than if there is no physical marker. Some people place a memorial at the place where a pet (or his/her ashes) are buried. Other people place a memorial in a pet’s favourite place, such as a particular corner of the garden.

You can’t miss the centre – on the left as you drive from Bray to Shankill

 What’s the best way to choose a memorial stone?

If you think you’d like a memorial stone for a deceased pet, just call in to Shanganagh Marble and Stone Centre – or if you prefer, telephone them first on (00 353 1)  2825811.  The staff at the centre are sympathetic and caring: when BrayVet called in to visit recently, Gareth was exceptionally helpful, showing us the range of stones that are typically chosen.

You may not have thought of a memorial stone for your pet, but if you are looking for an extra way of commemorating the life of an animal who has been especially important to you, it’s something that you will have as part of your life forever. Call in and talk to them: they will understand your emotional attachment to your pet, and they’ll help you make the right decision.


These small memorial stones can be customised for your pet, in whatever way you’d like


If you’d like artwork as well as text, just ask the team


Cats and dogs are the main pets to be remembered in this way, but you can choose a memorial for any animal that you have loved