The new BrayVet Cat-Only waiting room

The new BrayVet Cats-Only waiting room

CatsOnly at BrayVet is a new, specially designed cat hospital with a completely separate waiting room for cats, a separate hospital ward with large cat kennels for cats who have to stay in hospital and most importantly, very well trained staff who understand cats’ needs. The waiting room is truly calm and relaxing.

In December 2013 we opened the first CatsOnly hospital in Dublin. At CatsOnly we aim to ensure your cats visit to the vets is as stress free as possible. Dogs never come in to the Cats only waiting room so there are no fearful stimuli such as dog smells. All these measures are taken to help cats relax. They can step out of their carrier and explore the waiting room which is set up as a living room home away from home.

Clients of CatsOnly at BrayVet clinic can access a wealth of information and advice on the care, health and behaviour of their cat by clicking this link