At BrayVet, we are taking the COVID-19 outbreak very seriously indeed.

Click on the orange headline above for full details on the steps we are taking to protect you and your pets.

We understand the need for social distancing from each other, along with taking many precautions to prevent viral contamination and spread. We have changed how we function on a day to day basis. We still need to look after pets so that they remain healthy and happy throughout this crisis. But we need to do that in a way that also protects humans from any spread of the virus. Please see the graphic below for a broad description of how we are now doing things, and please phone us on 012821909 for specific advice for you and your pet.  We are also giving out regular updates on our Facebook page, and will respond to Facebook messages as promptly as we can. This is a new and unexpected challenge, and many systems are under more pressure than usual. Some supplies are temporarily unavailable, and staffing numbers at BrayVet may be affected from time to time. Please be patient with us at this time: we are endeavouring to do our best for you and your pet. It’s stressful for you, and for us: the only blessing is that our pets are blissfully unaware of what’s going on. Do spend time with them as much as you can: they are a welcome and refreshing reminder of normal life.