As part of the gradual relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions, we have opened up our waiting room at Brayvet and CatsOnly@Brayvet.
As we do this we are mindful of everyone’s safety and will strive to achieve this in a new safe way.
+ We will be limiting the waiting room to five people at a time, which allows safe distancing.
+ Only ONE person per pet please.
+ When you arrive there will be an intercom on the inner entrance door. Press the button and speak through the intercom. The reception team will advise you when it is safe to enter the waiting room
+ There is a perspex screen on the reception counter for everyone’s safety
+ When you check in, please take a seat and the vet will come to you in the waiting room
+ He/she will take a history, then bring your pet into the consult room to examine and treat
+ Your pet will then be returned to you in the waiting room.
(At this phase, we cannot invite owners into the consult rooms, as they are too small for safe distancing.)
+ There is a one way system, so when your pet is returned, please leave via the old building entrance, by the cat waiting room door – this will be signposted.
+ Please return your pet back to your car, before returning to the outside reception window to collect medication / make payments etc. (To free up safe space in the waiting room, so the next client can enter with their pet).
We have two designated ‘cat only’ parking spaces in the car park, near the cat consult room. Cats are generally happier waiting in a car until called by phone, rather than being in the same waiting room as dogs.
We are very happy to be able to welcome you and your pet back inside our building albeit in a new way! We are gradually returning to a new normality and we will continue to monitor current safety advice and modify our rules, as appropriate, to keep both pets and their owners safe and well.
We look forward to seeing you soon