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What can we do for your pet?
Everything that has to do with your pets’ health!
We always give your pet a thorough unhurried examination from head to tail so that potential problems are picked up. First time consultations are 30 minutes and all other standard consultations are 15 minutes and longer if it is needed.

We use an appointment system so that waiting times are very short.
Some procedures are done at our main clinic in Bray but most procedures are carried out here in Gorey :

Routine vaccinations and advice for new puppies/kittens

Annual health checks

Routine surgery and microchipping

Laboratory tests

Blood Pressure




We have two very competent veterinary surgeons here and they carry out most operations in GoreyBrayVet
Orthopaedic surgery is carried out at Brayvet by Andrew Byrne who has the most expertise in our team available to our GoreyBrayVet clients.
Emiliana Capurro is our ultra-sonographer and is available two days a week at BrayVet.

In the springtime we offer a heavily discounted package for cats to be spayed and neutered .Please watch out for details on Facebook.