It’s been a while since we’ve posted a local business review, and it’s time to revive this idea. There are so many great businesses in Bray and environs, and as locals, we are regular attendees of a number of places. We’re keen to share our positive experiences with folk out there, because we are really passionate about where we live. There are so many small businesses, working hard and providing good service. We should all be supporting them as best we can.


Caffe Ragazzi is a good example: this is a new coffee shop, at the top of Bray Main Street on the right as you go up (you turn right at the Bank of Ireland, ad it’s 50m along there). Andrea, pictured above, is from Italy, and he’s been in Ireland for five years. He ran a wine business before, but he could see a niche for excellent coffee and food in Bray, so that’s what he’s doing now. His business partner is the Italian man who runs the Ragazzi restaurant in Dalkey, and if you’ve been there, you’ll be familiar with the genuine Italian vibe: Caffe Ragazzi continues this theme.


There’s plenty of floor space in the premises, as you can see above. I was there early on a Saturday morning, so it was quiet, which meant it was a good time to relax there. There’s free wifi, as well as the day’s papers, so you can sit and relax here, with no time pressure.


I ordered a caffè macchiato, which  is  an espresso with a tiny bit of milk in it: the strong, Italian-derived coffee was just what I was looking for. I didn’t order food, but I did look at the menu.


As well as the drinks (including soya and almond milks, for the non-milk drinkers out there, a variety of mostly Italian style food  is served. The menu of dishes is expanding in the near future: this business has only been open since the start of 2017, so it’s still finding its feet.


As well as the eating-in food, there’s a retail section, where you can buy coffee and other goodies to use at home.


I didn’t know about Caffe Ragazzi until today, and I’m impressed. If you’re looking for somewhere new and interesting with excellent value for money and quality, make sure you check it out yourself.