Message for all pets out there: osteoarthritis is very common, affecting approx 20% of adult dogs.  At first the signs are very subtle but in most cases, they gradually progress. Treatment can relieve the signs, taking away pain and stiffness.

If you are feeling a bit stiff and your owner brings you along to see us, we will enroll you ( yes, you –  not your owner!) in our PET MOBILITY CLUB and give you a special membership.

As a member, we will help your owner with any special things they need to buy for you e.g. we will give 5% discount off any joint medicines or foods that you may need. But as you‘re the member and they are getting the discounts, You may need to negotiate that you get some extra treats – but only healthy ones!

P.S. – On your first visit to our nurse mobility clinic our nurse will give you a small pressie … if you are good :-)