Andrew Byrne media vet

Andrew Byrne

Pete Wedderburn media vet also known as Pete the Vet

Pete Wedderburn


Watch out for us on Radio/TV and in written media

East Coast Radio features the Brayvet team every week on the weekly vet spot: we post a regular podcast to our Facebook page.

Moving on to television and TV3; Pete Wedderburn is the regular Wednesday morning vet on Ireland AM. This regular spot of the show is known as Pete The Vet.

You can find us in written media as well. Pete Wedderburn writes a weekly column in the Bray People newspaper, with stories and photos from our veterinary clinic, and he also features regularly in Ireland’s Own, which is a weekly family magazine. Pete also writes a weekly column in the Daily Telegraph, as well as a regular blog on the Telegraph website.

For links to all Pete’s media work, visit his own blog at