Brayvet’s Spring Newsletter


This month, our newsletter covers the usual range of interesting pet related topics, as well as some specific updates about the latest developments for online ordering of foods, repeat medications. Read on

Brayvet’s Spring Newsletter2021-05-12T11:58:58+00:00

Toby the 8 year old cat


Toby often greets Miriam when she comes home from work. He’s there, on the doorstep, looking up at her, purring. She’s always pleased to see him, but one night last week, she

Toby the 8 year old cat2021-04-29T10:23:05+00:00

Nigel the baby pigeon


Grace was playing with friends in a local park last week when she saw something surprising: the tiny head of a small bird sticking up out of the long grass. She went

Nigel the baby pigeon2021-03-26T15:19:56+00:00
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